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Storms and Monster Coho Lake Michigan Fishing Report


Storms and Monster Coho Lake Michigan Fishing Report

Chicago AM and PM.
Morning started at 41.59 in 70fow. Got a few hits in 80fow but then dead for a while. Went out as far as 110′. Turned back in and once inside of the 80’s lots of marks and started popping fish. Mostly coho but 2 lake trout and 1 steelhead. ended with right around 15 for 25ish. Everythign in the top 50′ hit. leads, riggers down 40. Dipseys out 75. No real pattern. Speed 2.2 to 2.9 at the ball. Really just all over.

Afternoon tried same area but stayed in that 80fow and trolled north. had 13 for 16. Didnt loose nearly as many fish. Same program as the morning. No fast fishing just one here and one there. When the storm popped up as soon as the rain hit the water we got a triple. Ended up coming in a little early because the antenna was loudly humming as a second cell was coming through. I kept the speed right around 2.6mph. Got lakers, coho, and a nice steelhead.

Got 4 coho right around 7lbs today. Very little bait in the bellies if any.

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