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You have Questions. We have Answers.

Fish Cleaning is included in the price of the charter from May until October. Outside those months we are unable to clean the fish due to weather and resources. We will fillet the fish and place in a bag. When you get home you will need to rinse with clean water and place in a new bag. Dont forget to bring a cooler to take home your catch 🙂

Yes. Everyone on board over the age of 15 is required to have a Illinois Fishing License. 

Yes you can bring Alcohol on board. No Glass is allowed. 

If you have a good time and the crew works hard to get you on fish it is customary to tip the crew. Typically the tip is done similar to a waiter/waitress. 

We have a cooler onboard to keep your food and drinks cold but there is plenty of room of you want to bring your own as well. We do suggest bring a cooler with ice to bring home your fish. 

We do not allow any glass containers. This is for the protection of our customers and crew and there are no exceptions to this rule.

Everything you need to catch fish we provide. Rods, Bait, Tackle.. Everything. We have your covered. 

Payment can be made with Cash, Check, or Credit Card. 

Absolutely. Please keep into consideration the boat will be moving around and items will slide so some snacks are more suitable then others. 

Lake Michigan is a large body of water which plays into the temperature. Typically it is colder on the lake then it is onshore especially in the spring and early summer. Mornings can be damp and cold on most days. Plenty of room for extra cloths or jackets. You can always take cloths off.