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30 Pound King Salmon Caught Off Chicago


30 Pound King Salmon Caught Off Chicago

With all the huge coho and huge Steelhead I was expecting big kings but sure didn’t expect to get a king over 30lbs tonight. Not really sure how big it is as my IGFA Certified Boga Grip is only a 30lb scale. It was caught in 103 fow east of Chicago during sunset. It was part of a triple with one fish being pretty small. another was big but this one seemed to run the most. I tried to horse one of them in to make room for this one but ended up breaking off which is fine. The one that broke off was at least a 15lb king.

Was a unexpected trip with my wife and kids. Early in the season I gave my daughter a coupon for a free charter. Last night she came to me and said she wanted to book one. Tonight with the fireworks and smooth seas was perfect. Headed out at 6:30 and fished to 9:00. Lots of lakers. Managed a few coho and one steelhead before the monster came over the rail.

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